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Augusta Forklift Parts - Within the Georgia State, Augusta is a consolidated city together with Richmond. It is situated along the Savannah River. The Augusta-Richmond population as of the year 2010 was 195,844 according to the census. This number did not comprise the unconsolidated cities of Blythe and Hephzibah.

The main city of the Augusta-Richmond County Metropolitan Statistical Area is the city of Augusta. During 2009, the city of Augusta had an estimated population of 539,154. This total places the city as the 2nd biggest metro area in the state of Georgia and the 2nd biggest city after Atlanta, placing it as the 116th largest city within the USA. Augusta is famous for hosting The Masters Tournament each spring season. The city of Augusta has earned the nickname of the "Masters City," because of this golf extravaganza though the official nickname is "The Garden City of the South." It was given this nickname as a reflection of the numerous private gardens situated there. Atlanta is also known internationally as being the hometown of funk and soul singer James Brown.

The Augusta National Golf Club is the famous course which annually hosts the Masters Tournament, the first major golf tournament of each year. This is amongst the most prominent tournaments in the sport and is likewise one of the four major championships. Each year, the best amateur and professional golfers throughout the globe travel to Augusta during the first week of the month of April to participate in the competition. The pristine grounds of the Augusta National course are known for being stunning and during 2009; Golf Magazine ranked it the third best golf course within the globe!

The history of the city of Augusta dates back to 1736. Initially, the area was established as a settlement by British General James E. Oglethorpe who is believed to be the founder of Georgia. The city's name of Augusta was chosen to honor Augusta, Princess of Wales.

The city served as a key site in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. The city of Augusta became the state capital of Georgia from 1785 until 1795. Eventually, the city became the 2nd biggest inland cotton market within the world in the time of the cotton boom.

The area around the city of Augusta has become a winter resort location for many well-off northerners seeking warmer weather conditions during the cold months. Currently, the city of Augusta is a center for manufacturing and for medicine.

Augusta has become a thriving center for the military, biotechnology and medicine. The economy also depends on agricultural industries within the area. A huge number of employees within the area are working at the Medical College of Georgia. This public science graduate university has a vast labor force. More than 25,000 people work for the medical district of Augusta and this greatly impacts the economy in the area.

The Development Authority of Richmond County is responsible for recruiting assembly, manufacturing, related industrial companies, and distribution outlets for the city of Augusta. The organization also works towards helping the expansion of the currently existing industries. Employers are offered free employee recruiting, screening and training from the Augusta-Richmond County also.

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