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Atlanta Forklift Parts - The city of Atlanta is the capital of the State of Georgia within the United States. It is also the most heavily populated city with roughly 420,003 residents as of 2010. Of the Atlanta metropolitan area, the city of Atlanta is the economic and cultural center. This metropolitan area has 5,268,860 people living in it, making it the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Atlanta makes up the county seat of Fulton County and a tiny part of Atlanta City runs eastward into DeKalb County. "Atlantans," are what inhabitants of the area are called.

The town of Atlanta was established in eighteen thirty seven, as "Marthasville", which was the end of the Western and Atlantic railroad line. The location was officially incorporated as Atlanta in eighteen forty seven. Throughout its start, the city of Atlanta was made up of a little more than 30 stores, several schools and hotels, approximately two thousand five hundred people and one church.

In the state of Georgia, Atlanta City is located within the north central region and is home to more than ten Fortune 500 companies. Some of these businesses include: the Coca Cola Company, Home Depot, UPS, and Delta Airlines. During 2005, the Atlanta metropolitan area was ranked third behind the cities of New York and Houston on the list of cities with the most headquarters of Fortune 500 companies.

The city of Atlanta is known for its vibrant and rich culture and as for being a centre for the arts. There are numerous museums, a presidential library and a variety of performing arts like for instance symphony, theatre, the ballet and opera. Amongst the famous museums in the city include: The Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum, The Atlanta History Centre, The Martin Luther King Jr. Centre for Nonviolent Social Changes, The Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the World of Coca-Cola Pavilion, The Atlanta International Museum of Art and Design, The Jimmy Carter Library and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia.

The area hosts a wide variety of world-class performing arts attractions, like for example: The Shakespeare Company, The Atlanta Opera, The Atlanta Ballet, The Center for Puppetry Arts and other theatres and playhouses.

The labor force in the city of Atlanta is highly skilled. Amongst the United States, it ranks 7th for the population percentage who have completed college.

The city is a major centre of regional commerce. It is recognized for conventions and trade shows in the area. The city of Atlanta is also a major cable television programming center for The Weather Channel, Cartoon Network and CNN amongst others. Among the various major businesses in the region include: Education and Health Services, Government, Leisure and Hospitality, Construction, Manufacturing, Financial Services, High-Technology and various professional services such as Trade, transportation and utilities.

As one of the busiest airports within the world with passenger traffic, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport helps to serve the Atlanta metropolitan area and serves as a hub for Delta Airlines. As far as nonstop international air travel goes this airport ranks 7th in the USA based on the Bureau of Transportation Statistics and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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