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Athens Forklift Parts - The consolidated city-county of Athens-Clarke is located within the northeastern section of the state of Georgia. It consists of the former City of Athens proper, which is the county seat and Clarke County as well.

The University of Georgia is in this college township and actually responsible for the original development of Athens. During nineteen ninety one, after a successful vote the year prior, the original city abandoned its charter and decided to form a unified government together with nearby Clarke County. The new region was called collectively as Athens-Clarke County. According to the 2010 Census, the consolidated city county had a total population of around 115,452. This combined population consisted of all of Athens-Clarke County less a section of Bogart and Winterville.

Athens, Georgia was originally a trading settlement set up along the Oconee River banks. The region went by the name Cedar Shoals in the late seventeen hundreds. On the 27th of January, 1785, the Georgia General Assembly chartered the University of Georgia as the very first chartered state-supported university. Abraham Baldwin drafted the charter which existed solely on paper for 16 years.

A delegation of men consisting of John Milledge, Hugh Lawson, John Twiggs, Baldwin and George Walton traveled during the summer of the year 1801, to the region called Jackson County. Their aim was to select the future site for their university and to secure a construction contract for the university. Unanimously, the delegation agreed on the site of the property on the hill above the Oconee River and Cedar Shoals. On the 25th of July, the year 1801, Milledge purchased six hundred thirty three acres from Daniel Easley and afterward donated it to the university. The land was named Athens in honor of the Greek city which was the center of culture and learning in the ancient times.

The Athens-Clarke County is spread out over approximately one hundred twenty five square miles, which is the smallest area amongst the one hundred fifty nine counties in the state of Georgia. One of the highest points in Athens is designated by City Hall within the downtown core. It is located roughly 761 feet above sea level. Athens-Clarke County was the 25th county established within the state. It is approximately sixty five miles northeast of the city of Atlanta.

The area has developed a somewhat diversified economy which is led by the poultry processing, healthcare, timber, education and tourism industries. Other major factors for the economy comprise the manufacturing of items such as textiles, electrical components, transportation equipment, apparel, and industrial machines. Additionally, Athens is considered to be the major center for trade within the Northeast Georgia region.

Within Athens, there are certain professions, jobs that are much more common than in other regions of the United States. For instance, coil winders, bio-technology technicians, finishers, tapers, off-beaters and machine feeders, metal fabricators,surgical technologists as well as veterinary technicians and technologists are among the most popular occupations.

The top sectors for employment in the area comprise: Healthcare, Government, Management, Education, Administrative Sales and Support, Manufacturing as well as Finance and Business.

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