300,000 plus more private sector jobs

300,000 plus more private sector jobs

With a large family background in public education, the governor is focused on K-12 education funding. One of the three budgets Deal introduced to the general assembly was an increase in k-12 funding.

“Because our other programs have worked and because more jobs will be created in our state which will create revenue for the state of Georgia we were able to make the highest increase in k-12 funding that we have done in this state in seven years,” Deal said.

Deal believes that Georgia now has 300,000 plus more private sector jobs since he became governor. In 2013, Georgia was ranked as having the sixth highest number of job creation in the country.

“That means we were ahead of 44 others and a lot of those 44 others had bigger populations than we did,” Deal said.

“In the last two weeks we have had 1,800 new jobs announced in the state of Georgia, 500 of those 1,800 are in Jason Carter’s home county, Dekalb County,” Deal said. “Now those are the kinds of increases in job opportunity that all of us want, but here in agriculture country I think you all understand there is one very important ingredient that makes our agriculture economy work and our state’s economy work, and that is our number one industry, that is agriculture.”

Deal plans to export South Georgia’s agriculture through the port of Savannah. The port of Savannah has one of the highest volumes of imports and exports, many being agricultural goods.
- See more at: http://valdostatoday.com/2014/10/governor-deal-visits-valdosta/#sthash.G2DvRCjc.dpuf

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